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Virus Macro


From all of Virus, macro is one of the destroyer that make many of windows users felt fidgety. Especially for Ms-Word users program from MS-Office. For all of you that've been using MS-Office97 program, maybe this virus is not a big deal anymore. 'Cos in MS-Office97 they've been inserted an averting of Macro virus type. But for anyone that still using Windows 3.1x with MS-Office4.3 ( Word 6.0 ) or Windows95 with MS-Office95 ( Word 7.0 ) it's a big problems.

But now you don't have to worried again with this fuck virus. 'Cos you'll get how to handle it.

Then how can it's works??? What should to do and what's the contents of macro virus??? you can read the declaration in theNext Info.

Ok, see you in the next discuss…!!!