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Mpeg Layer 3 ( MP3 )


What is MP3…??? MP3 is the new technology in audio wave device. MP3 created around 1997. Between many of participated, the ones which made MP3 are Nullsoft.Inc that has been made winamp for playing MP 3 songs formated. Nullsoft.Inc created Winamp in Juni 7'th 1997.

If you want more definition stories, Below I'll give you an example... Have you ever recorded a songs from Audio-CD to Local disk / Harddisk with Wav format. If you ever do that, try to look up the byte from that song …for each songs will approximately be 40 MB Ck…ck…ck Uhhhh!!!…

Not a big deal if your Harddisk have enough space…but if your space are fit …??? Aha...…Every song that you've recorded = 40 MB, if there's 6…??? ( Gyaaaaaaa…!!! )

But you've not worried again, with MP3, the recorded songs will compressed become ± 3 MB / songs ( Waooooowww….!!! ) fantastic does it ….!!!

With doesn't decrease the sound quality and the cleareness, Great….!!!

So...quickly find more about this MP3 technology, especially if you're liked music…Ok…!!!

Where I can get it…??? here . . .

Just Click ( Download MP3 ). For the songs, Coming soon next, or you can download in the internet The Address….??? Just look up at "Interested Places in the Internet"